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Oticon ProWax MiniFit Wax Filters
  • Oticon ProWax MiniFit Wax Filters


    Help in preventing earwax accumulation in your hearing aids using Prowax miniFit wax filters. These are compatible with all Oticon miniRITE Hearing aids, including the latest Oticon More/Real miniRITE hearing aid with RIC (Reciever-In-Canal).

    • The Prowax miniFit Filters are suitable for All Oticon miniRITE Hearing aids including the NEW Oticon Real miniRITE hearing aid. Please feel free to call one of our experts and we can check the compatability for you. 0208 341 0588.

      We do advise you always use the same type of wax filter as that originally supplied with your hearing aid. If you are in any doubt about the use or replacement of wax filters, contact us.

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