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Phonak Slim L90-R & L70-R Hearing Aid Models
  • Phonak Slim L90-R & L70-R Hearing Aid Models


    The Phonak Slim L90 and L70 models are innovative and discreet hearing aids designed to improve your hearing experience.


    Phonak Slim L90-R

    The Phonak Slim L90 hearing aid is equipped with the latest technology, including Dynamic Noise Cancellation, which reduces background noise in noisy environments, allowing for better speech understanding. It also features SoundRecover2, which enhances high-frequency sounds, making it easier to hear speech and music. Additionally, it has a rechargeable battery with a long-lasting life.


    Phonak Slim L70-R

    The Phonak Slim L70 hearing aid is also packed with advanced features, including Speech Enhancer, which improves speech understanding in noisy environments. It also has SoundRecover, which amplifies high-frequency sounds, and WhistleBlock, which eliminates feedback. This model is available in a rechargeable or disposable battery option.


    Differences Between Phonak L90-R and L70-R

    The main difference between the Phonak Slim L90 and L70 is the level of technology and the features they offer. The Slim L90 is equipped with more advanced features, including Dynamic Noise Cancellation and SoundRecover2, while the Slim L70 has Speech Enhancer and WhistleBlock.


    To find out which Phonak Slim hearing aid is best suited for you, schedule a consultation with our experienced audiologists who can guide you through the options and help you make an informed decision.

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